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GBAS - Where Fandoms Collide's Journal
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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
2:18 pm
Episode 1 - Submission Rules
Howdy folks,

It's been a little while since I've come on here to talk, but I think it's about time we broke radio silence.

As of right now, we're taking submissions for episode one. We're going for a This American Life motif for the first episode to get to know the contributors. The first show is called Origin Stories, and is all about when or how you discovered you were into a particular fandom.

If you'd like to contribute, here's your chance, and here are the rules...well...more like guidelines, because we're not too picky:

1.  Put Entries in MP3 format - For your sake more than ours. We can take whatever crazy format you've decided to record in, but MP3 is smaller. Although, I've been told by my editing team (i.e. Wolfie) that MP3 worsens the quality just a little, but it's not a major issue.  Just remember that e-mail servers like hotmail and gmail limit the size of your attachments to about 20 megs.

2. Entries can be as Long as you Like -  Don't worry about making mistakes or going on long rants. We may end up editing or breaking it up, cutting some things out, ect. So longer is better. Just expect your story to be truncated down to about the ten minute mark, unless we just simply can't bear to lose a moment.  That leads into number 3.

3. E-mail the Entries to gbas.podcast@gmail.com - If you want to get your submission in, this is the e-mail to send it to.  Just put "Episode 1 - Submission" in the subject line, so we know  it's from you and not my por...I mean, Bill's porn. If you like, put any special request (example: Make my voice sound all dark and evil, with the Lambchop song playing under me) in the body of the e-mail.

4. This is your Origin Story - So tell it however you want. We're specifically looking for stories on how you entered your fandom, but let that be a broad topic. Tell it how you want, and have fun with it.  Remember that this doesn't forever put you in as this fandoms end all, be all  mascot, just that you're a fan and you have some knowledge in it.

5. Other Submissions - We're mainly looking for Origin Stories (I think I've said that once or twice), but if you really have some great audio that you want to share, send it our way too. But before you do, please send us an e-mail (gbas.podcast@gmail.com) letting us know what you'd like to do/submit before you put tons of time into something we may never use.  You can still send us stuff unsolicited, but be warned that we may not even use it.
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