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gbas_podcast's Journal

GBAS - Where Fandoms Collide
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Geeks Bitching About Stuff - A podcast dedicated to anything under the umbrella of Fandom.
Sometimes magic sounds like duct tape. Other times, it sounds like cards slapping on a table. Or it could be the sound of a pen scratching against a new note or sketch pad.

That's where GBAS comes in. We celebrate the highs and the lows of Fandom everywhere as we try to become the elusive and all-knowing General Purpose Geeks.

Join me, Bryce, as I drag you and my co-hosts through the mostly uncharted, always dangerous, realm of Stuff.

This podcast would be impossible to run without user feedback, questions, and comments. That's why we encourage you to post whatever questions about whatever Fandom YOU like, and we'll talk about them on the show.

Details abound! We're just getting the kinks worked out, but our first show starts soon!